Ethics Affects The Actions Of Individuals Daily Essay

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Ethics affects the actions of individuals daily. These fundamental guidelines are instrumental in providing integrity and order. Within law enforcement departments, the written policies in regards to what is considered ethical and unethical is key to maintaining positive work environments, high moral and operational integrity.
Harassment/Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Harassment and Sexual Harassment promote a hostile workplace environment. Harassment would be defined as both verbal and physical conduct that results in showing hostility towards an individual because of race, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability and sexual orientation. By conducting in harassment, the work environment can become hostile and offensive, prompting an adverse effect on the work performance of an individual and an individual’s employment opportunities. Sexual harassment would be defined as any unwelcomed sexual advances or requests for sexual physical contact through verbal expressions, physical conduct, or communication that is sexual in nature. Harassment and Sexual Harassment can be orchestrated between a person of leadership or a peer. In either case, harassment is unethical as it promotes destructive communication and conduct, which can interferes with workplace performance and the integrity of the workplace. At no time should harassment of any type factor into employment decisions. Leaders should always seek to mirror the highest ethical standards in their communication…

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