Ethical Issues Essay

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Dilemma And Ethics
Audrey Banks
University of Phoenix

Audrey Banks is a student at Univesity of Phoneix and if there are any concerns about this essay you may contact her at
Dilemma 2.


This essay is about and ethical dilemma that my best friend has experienced at her

workplace. As you read this paper you will find out exactly what the relationship

between values and morals are when it comes to working in a nursing home. Also you

will gain knowledge on how I examined the way external social pressures influenced

some business ethics in this situation.
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Although I believe my friend could have really used the extra money

and gift card for her children my friend refused the money and gift cards and told the

family members if they wanted to show their appreciation they could bring cookies for

the whole staff.

My best friend loved her job because she was a single parent and she knew that

her job was what was feeding her small family. She wanted to be honest at all times and

her personal values and morals just didn't let her accept the money or the gift cards.

Personal values are those standards that you set for yourself to live by. Since these

values vary by individuals they are “personal” and can include many things like religion,

morals, and ethics. I believe those all played a huge role in my friends personal values.

Values and morals are something that you learn as you get older, I believe. Being

honest and trustworthy are very important in all of life's situations. In this ethical

dilemma my best friend chose to be honest and not accept the money even when it was

Christmas time and could have used it for her children. She did not second guess herself

or make any reservations in her head on how she could accept the money and gift cards

without getting caught. The

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