Essay on Ethical Issues Of The Emergency Room

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Ethical Issue-Family Presence in the ER
Family presence is an important consideration in the health care setting, specifically in the emergency room. Family presence is the ability of a family member to have contact with a patient in a health care area during resuscitation or emergency procedures (İşlekdemir & Kaya, 2016, p. 39). Resuscitation is the process health care providers utilize to sustain life and prevent further deterioration (Leske, McAndrew & Brasel, 2013, p. 78). Family is defined by the patient and can include friends, relatives, or significant others. Family can include anyone that has a serious relationship with the patient and can provide support (AACN, 2016, p. 11). Family participation is common during non-immediate care, diagnoses, and basic treatments, but family presence may be controversial in emergent situations. Health care providers and families have conflicting feelings about this topic.
In emergency rooms, patients may be experiencing new, life-threatening health conditions or severe exacerbations. This can cause overwhelming anxiety in a patient or a patient’s family. Family presence is an important ethical consideration when attempting to provide quality health care. A big component to quality health care is patient-centered care, where health care staff provides support based on a patient’s preferences and needs (QSEN, 2014). Family presence also concerns the ethical considerations of beneficence and paternalism.…

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