Ethical Issue From The Perspective Of Christianity Or Judaism

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Critically examine one contemporary ethical issue from the perspective of either Christianity or Judaism.

Annapreet Bhullar

‘I have striven not to laugh at human actions, not to weep at them, not to hate them, but to understand them.’

Brittany Maynard; the heart breaking case whereby she took her own life aged 29, due to suffering from an aggressive malignant brain tumour. She died in Oregon, USA from taking a lethal drug prescribed by a doctor after become globally recognised as an advocator for Compassion & choices, a non-profit organisation that works to improve patients’ rights and choices at the end of life . As a strong believer of personal choice and individualism, I firmly deem we have a ‘right to life’ therefore, should naturally have a ‘right to death’. Death is usually slow, painful, and undignified therefore I believe personal autonomy should be considered before the state, society and religion. Within this essay, I will assess the practice of Euthanasia; reflecting on the Brittany Maynard case, while examining the stance Christianity; focusing on Catholicism holds on this matter.

The word ‘euthanasia’ comes from Greek, literally meaning ‘good death’ or ‘dying well’. However Pope John Paul II defined it somewhat differently; Euthanasia in the strict sense is understood to be an action or omission, which of itself and by intention causes death . - Euthanasia comes in several different forms: active, passive, voluntary and non-voluntary.…

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