Ethical Ethics And Ethical Issues Essay

1971 Words Nov 17th, 2016 8 Pages
People interact with one another on a daily basis. Face-to-face, emails, social media and various other platforms are used to invoke conversation. However, communicating and interacting between entire nations is a much more complex issue. The unwritten rules about qualifies as moral and ethical in issues of balancing power, state sovereignty, and humanitarian cases contributes to the problem. Not only are these issues sensitive, but the wide variety of cultural precedents and beliefs brought to the table make compromise a difficult task. Exiting the twentieth century and carrying into the twenty-first century is the ethical questions that accompany nuclear deterrence. In order to understand the moral and ethical problems that tie into nuclear deterrence, it is critical to analyze the concept from three major ethical traditions and strategies. Presupposing a discussion of the three ethical traditions and strategies, a basic definition of what is meant by both morality and ethics is helpful. Morality in short terms involves “claims to rightness or justice” (Amstutz 10). In essence, morality is the distinction between what is right, true, and good and what is wrong, deceitful, and hurtful. Ethics, on the other hand “will involve the indentification, illumination, and application of relevant moral norms” (Amstutz 11). To summarize, ethics is the application of moral principles to real life situations. In terms of translating morality and ethics to international politics there…

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