Examples Of Ethics In Worldview

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The task of ethics answers questions like, “What should I do?”, “How should I live?” and “How can I know the difference between right and wrong?” The answers of these questions by a culture are influenced by their accepted science, traditions, beliefs and stories. Ethics is a systematic and critical analysis of morality, of the moral factors that guide human conduct in a particular society or practice . **** Ethics is as Ayn Rand explains, "Ethics is a code of values which guides our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our lives."
In each worldview there is a different approach to figure out what should be considered right or wrong. So a person could have completely different ethics to another person. For
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This is done through each individual finding their self and the meaning of life through choice, free will and personal responsability as they believe there is no meaning in the world but you create your own meaning.
They believe that through experiences, beliefs and outlook you base finding out who and what you are. It is the search and journey for true self and true personal meaning in life . We have free will and we can make our own meaning, change our own destinies, nothing is predetermined and we are free to choose to do whatever it is that we want to do. Life is about what I can make it. I am what I make myself to be. The ultimate authority in this worldview is yourself. You have the freedom to choose your preferred moral belief system and lifestyle
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They believe that a practical system of ethics and moral code can be acquired from reasoning without any need of religious revelation or church dogma .They also believe miracles do not occur, they denie the orthodox doctrines of the Trinity and the deity of Christ and that the Bible is inerrant. They focus on scientific facts, not personal beliefs.
Within this worldview, science is the ultimate authority. They can’t believe in a God that can’t be fully understood and that evidently appears to be dormant, for example how does God allow innocent people to suffer, why does he allow bad things to happen?
Two factors were involved in transistioning people from a theistic to a deistic world view. The first was that answers were discovered by science that iliminated the possibility of supernatural elements. The second is that religious wars in previous years had left a negative effect on people’s attitudes about

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