Ethical Dilemmas To Make The Decision To Euthanase The Pet

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This scenario is quite difficult because not only is it a human and animal bond but the pet has a connection to the males dead mother. So the male owner is not just saying goodbye to his pet but letting go of the final piece of his mother. I personally feel that this would be a sad situation to deal with, I myself would have trouble dealing with it if it where me. However if the pet was not in a good way I would lead the client into the decision making process delicately but ultimately allowing them to make the decision to euthanase the pet.

I would start by explaining what euthanasia actually means. That it is actually considered and translates to be a humane death. If you where to leave the pet in the state that it was in, it would be suffering
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This allows the client time to process and prepare for when they are ready to choose a day for the euthanasia. For example, saying last goodbyes to other family members or taking his pet for one last walk at the park. Additionally, I would reassure him that he has the option of doing it from the comfort of his own home. This could make it easier on him that way he knows his pet will be comfortable in its favourite bed and surrounded by a familiar environment. I would also let him know that it was ok if he wanted done at the clinic and if he did or did not what to be present. Giving the client the option to choose, allowing them to feel somewhat in control, may help them make this decision to choose euthanasia easier. If done at the clinic I would make sure that they were book during a quite time of the day and when they come in they are not left waiting around in the waiting area but placed in a separate room or straight into the consult room. I would make sure the room is tidy, that there is a box of tissues present or even offer them a glass of water or tea. In addition I would book it for extra time as they may need more time than a normal consult. What I would also offer is the opportunity for the client to cut a piece of hair from their pet, it they wanted to keep the pets ' collar or to make up a paw print as a keep …show more content…
Also, if they wanted me to organise the arrangements or if they wanted to take the pet themselves to the crematorium and organise something, giving them the options and letting them know that whatever they chose is okay. Another way to help the client deal with this situation is suggesting to them if they want a toy, a note or a picture of themselves to go in with the pet when they are cremated or buried. Hopefully this kind and caring gesture will have a good impression on the

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