Ethical Dilemmas In The Volkswagen Scandal

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As technology progresses in our world everyday , workplace mainly shifts to technofirms. We , as people , now more need engineering in our lives. At this points executives and corparations have to ensure that their employees and managers are working in the ethical borders. In this essay , I will give the facts and details abount the VW emissions crisis and discuss the reasons. I will also share my opinions and recomendations about VW scandal. Volkswagen shocked with emission scandal. Scandal had started when the United States Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) declined that Volkswagen’s emissions tests on the production of diesel cars are not true. Nearly half million cars demanded to withdraw from the market. The situation would be different if there was a technical problem but United States Enviromental Protection Agency claims that Volkswagen is conciously hiding the real numbers in emissions tests
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Known as one of the biggest automaker , Volkswagen surprised all of us because of this emission scandal. German automaker is being charged for deceiving government regulators regarding compliance with pollution emission standarts. There are many blank points about the event. How could it happen in a that big company ? How could this scandal last this long? Were not there any ′whistleblowers′ in the company? How could a corparate culture tolerate it ? Did company make up itself and give or real ‘’apology’’ to people for this immoral scandal ? And at this point what will future bring to Volkswagen ? What precautions should Volkswagen take in order not to face with scandal like things ? In my essay I will try to give answers all off these

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