Essay on Ethical Dilemmas : Ethical Dilemma

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April’s ethical dilemma
With regard to this week’s case study, April has two ethical dilemmas. The first ethical dilemma that April had to face, was a conflict of loyalty. This conflict occurred when April received many accolades for the successful presentation. At that time, she should have identified Jordan’s contribution to the project so they could at least share in the glory. The other ethical dilemma had to do with the issues of honesty and integrity. April was torn by this dilemma because of personal obligations that she had allowed to interfere with business. April’s son had medical problems and family is very important. However instead of April notifying her employer about her family situation, she put that load on her coworker, Jordan. The conflict was what to do with the $10,000 bonus. Does she use the money to assist in paying her sons hospital bills or does she tell Jordan about the award?
An advantage of April going to Jordan is that she would be doing what is right ethically speaking. April will also save her professional working relationship with Jordan, as he will feel that he can trust her. Some of the disadvantages are that she will lose a great friendship, not to mention a great working relationship due to lack of trust. Considering the fact that he had done all of the work, April had a responsibility to back-brief Jordan on what the owners of the business had decided. It is not likely that had April spoken to Jordan, he may have felt entitled to the…

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