Ethical Companies Essay

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2011 World’s Most Ethical Companies
The Ethisphere Institute, a leading international think-tank dedicated to the creation, advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability, announced the official unveiling of the 2011 World’s Most Ethical Companies. This year’s honorees have gone above and beyond to prove business ethics are paramount to the success of a company’s brand and bottom line. In its fifth year, the World’s Most Ethical Companies recognizes organizations that promote ethical business standards and practices by exceeding legal minimums for compliance, introducing innovative ideas that benefit the public and forcing their competitors to follow suit.
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Although many listed here are deserving of a lifetime achievement award, this list recognizes those that have made a significant impact specifically during 2010.
These individuals represent eight distinct categories; Government and Regulatory; Business Leadership; Non-Government Organization (NGO); Design and Sustainability; Media and Whistleblowers; Thought Leadership; Corporate Culture; Investment and Research; and Philanthropy.
Some are world famous and some are unknown, but from designing sustainable packaging to recovering billions of dollars from ponzi schemes, the following 100 individuals have impacted the world of business ethics in ways that will continue to resonate for many years.
The winners are broken down into the following eight core categories:
Government and Regulatory
Did the individual impact government rules or enforcement trends?
Business Leadership
Did the individual substantially transform a specific business’ operational practices consistent with profitable ethical leadership, forcing competitors to follow suit or fall behind?

Non-Government Organization (NGO) Did the individual impact a company’s (or industry’s) practices through external, on-regulatory leadership either through positive collaboration or negative publicity for a

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