Ethical And Legal Environment Analysis

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Ethical and Legal Environment of Organizations means knowing how to make the right and wrong decision making in an environment in any situation. You have to know the basics of ethics and the legal aspect of the situation. Can they conflict will each other at times? I think so. But both were put in place the same way, decisions made by a group of people of how we should live according to a standard of right or wrong behavior (Ghillyer, 2014). When making ethical decisions or dilemma there are three steps to take consider; you must be able to analyze the consequences (who will it help/harm or what will it do), the actions (does it measures up against moral principles) and be able to make a decision (analysis everything/ taking everything into …show more content…
A combination of several companies that have made over a billion dollars in global sales have formed an organization called Business Ethics Leadership Alliances (BELA) founded in 2008. The group is a mix of seventeen companies ranging from industry, retail, airlines, financial services and computer companies, out of the seventeen I could only relate to Dell and General Electric, PepsiCo, United Airlines and Walmart (to my surprise). BELA is joined for the reason for the companies to come together and make an explicit pledge to four core values one being legal compliance, two transparency, three identification of conflicts of interest and for accountability. But the organization has a bad name for being a group of bad apples that are ruining the global economy that are out for greed and love political finger pointing. Yet, BELA sees themselves as an organization that has some of the most recognizable companies that have joined together making clear business ethnic decisions (Ghillyer, 2014). Out of the four core values the one that would be the hardest for them to achieve would be accountability. Most companies do not want to be accountable for their screw ups nor do they even own up to it once it’s have been proving that they were wrong. Companies can give all the excuses in the world, even try to dodge it as much as possible but will not show their accountability to a situation done by the company. For Business Ethnics Leadership Alliances (BELA) to bring in companies that have had publicized ethical over time would be a downfall to its standards, because of what they stand for. If your building an organization off your mission statement, the four core values: legal compliance, transparency, identification of conflicts of interest and accountability, then the organization has to stand up for that, its makes the organization your mission statement. Letting others in that have already conflict those

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