Eth 125 Essay

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ETH125 Final Exam Name:

1. Between the year 2000 and 2100, the proportion of the U.S. population that is Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American will likely

a. triple. b. decline. c. stay the same. d. double.

2. When belief in the inheritance of behavior patterns is coupled with the feeling that certain groups are inherently superior to others it is called

a. racism. b. ethnocentrism. c. prejudice. d. racial formation.

3. The hierarchical system for possession of wealth, prestige, or power is called a. ethnic groups. b. stratification.
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d. mortgages are denied for houses in minority neighborhoods.

18. Which term refers to positive efforts to recruit minority group members or women for jobs, promotions, and educational opportunities?

a. affirmative action b. institutional discrimination c. the quota system d. goal displacement

19. The charge that affirmative action programs unfairly penalize White males leads to the view of a. ethnocentrism. b. reverse discrimination. c. underclass. d. secondary labor market.

20. About __________ of the U.S. population today is foreign-born. a. 25% b. 12% c. 40% d. 65%

21. Beliefs and policies favoring native-born citizens over immigrants is called a. racism. b. ethnocentrism. c. nativism. d. absolute deprivation.

22. The Chinese Exclusion Act a. was passed with little debate by Congress. b. outlawed Chinese immigration for 10 years. c. denied naturalization to Chinese already in the U.S. d. all of these

23. The quotas under the national origins system were based on a. proportions of people desiring to enter the United States from abroad. b. waiting lists of people wishing to immigrate to the United States. c. the number of people descended from each nationality recorded in the 1920 census. d. ability to pay for visas.

24. Which

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