Eth 125 Final Exam Answers Essay

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ETH 125 Final Exam Answers

ETH 125 Final Exam Answers

1. In sociology, minority refers to the:
a. dominant group.
b. subordinate group.
c. largest group.
d. smallest group.
2. Members of the dominant group usually:
a. marry within their group.
b. marry members of the subordinate group.
c. become part of the group later in life.
d. have the same cultural characteristics as the subordinate group.
3. What defines a racial group?
a. religious differences
b. cultural practices
c. obvious physical differences
d. all of these
4. Which sociologist introduced the concept of the color-line?
a. William Julius Wilson
b. Karl Marx
c. Robert Merton
d. W.E.B. Du Bois
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low self-esteem
c. a preference to belong to another group
d. all of these
12. Sociologist Devah Pager found that job-seeking men who were __________ received the most callbacks from potential employers.
a. white and had no jail time
b. black and had no jail time
c. Latino and had no jail time
d. black and had jail time
13. Which of the following is an example of institutional discrimination?
a. the dual labor market model
b. environmental racism
c. employment and housing discrimination
d. all of these
14. What is reverse discrimination?
a. The charge that women are also discriminated against in employment practices.
b. The charge that affirmative action discriminates against dominant group members.
c. The charge that Blacks have prejudice against Whites.
d. all of these
15. Which of the following is NOT descriptive of institutional discrimination?
a. Individuals choose not to hire people that belong to subordinate groups.
b. It is frequently unintended and unconscious.
c. It is part of policies and rules.
d. Conventional practices that favor dominant groups.
16. ________ refers to the practice of immigrants sponsoring other immigrants who, in turn, sponsor more.
a. Emigration
b. Chain immigration
c. Exile
d. Political asylum
17. Which of the following states has the highest percentage of foreign-born residents?
a. California
b. North Carolina
c. South Dakota
d. Minnesota
18. The tendency to favor one’s own people over new

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