Establish Rapport And Professional Relationships With Adults Essay

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a. Demonstrate how to establish rapport and professional relationships with adults.
It is important to be able to work in an environment of mutual support and openness. Working in a school setting makes it impossible to work independently. So, building rapport and a professional relationship with other adults is a must if you aim to work effectively. You will be required to offer your support practically. Working with others who are unfamiliar with the surrounding may need help or advice with where to find things or how to use equipment and resources. When I first began volunteering, I remember asking staff to show me how to use the photocopier which they were all too happy to help me with. I have also had to help new staff members with using equipment. You may also need to offer informative support to those who do not have the required information about a particular situation, for example, when dealing with misbehavior. Preparing and writing reports about specific pupils may also be asked of you. Professional support includes helping others with issues such as planning, or others can observe how you work with pupils. Emotional support is just as important as the rest as it helps connect on another level. You should take advantage of breaks in the staff room to build professional relationships with staff, whether it be supporting them emotionally or making a joke to lighten the mood. The school should support and encourage good lines of communication between all staff to…

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