Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Essay

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Should vaccinations be mandatory for all children? Why or why not? What are the benefits or drawbacks to vaccinations?
Vaccination should be mandatory for all children. Vaccination works to prevent disease, this is very important especially in children because of how sociable they can be and their relationship with the environment and people. Children love to be outside and get dirty; therefore, they are more prone to infection because they are easily accessible. Additionally, numerous children come from outside of the United States who may be carrying disease or infections that can possibly spread if not controlled. Vaccine aid in controlling these diseases. (Smith et al 5)
Vaccines as defined by the oxford dictionary is, “an antigenic substance
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Many factors contribute to a child’s life, of which health is one of the most important. Every parent wants what’s in the best interest for their child, However not every parent actually know what’s in the best interest of their child. The choices that parents make for their child can sometime affect them negatively although that wasn’t the intended objective. Vaccination improve and are being adjusting continually. There are studies that are being set out to ensure that the vaccination is safe for children. For example, “The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 mandated that the US government conduct a scientific review of the possible adverse consequences of all childhood vaccines” (Tuttle et al 1). This is just one of many other reviews that is being done to improve vaccination for everyone. The benefits of vaccines are that it protects from a lot of illnesses. The draw backs is vaccines don’t protect from every disease and vaccines don’t prevent the illness, there is still a possibility. Although vaccination doesn’t work for all disease just yet. Vaccinations are improving, as time progresses vaccination improvement also increase in quality and

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