Cost Of Crime Analysis

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I think people commit crimes for personal reasons only. Personal meaning it could be motivated from “I need to, I want” or uncontrollable chemical imbalance in the brain. Another view it satisfies a brain need, which gives you a rush or a good feeling while doing the crime. Is that one time enough, will that need come again; I think it is safe to say yes, there are many reasons to why there is, and one of them is that some people are prone to committing these immoral and some inhumane offenses that are unacceptable by the society. Jacobs (2010) suggests that “the most obvious cost is punishment, but offenders are not equally deterred” (as cited in Allen & Scott, 2013, p. 207). Accordingly to Westley (1970), some officers reason that a person …show more content…
207). Westley (1970) asserts in his book Violence and the police: A sociological study of law, custom, and morality that “two officers alluded to the impact of parenting on criminal dispositions; as said by one officer, some criminals when they were younger were brought up that way” (as cited in Allen & Scott, 2013, p. 208). There are many aspects that can result in criminals’ activities; like it was discussed in previous posts, one’s environment like the kind people you surround yourself with is one of them. They are a product of their environment like being around the wrong people; if a wayward person or a troubled juvenile has no one to look-up to as the epitome of human ethical responsibilities, such a person could find themselves on the wrong side of the law. This is due to the reason such as lack of a good role model(s), having a great support system (family and friends) that not only to mentor these young ones, and also to help guide them into making the right decisions. Another reason that factor into why people commit crime is due to past and the possibility of ongoing abuse, whether it is physical, verbal and or sexual. Westley (1970) said that: one officer pointed to the role of abuse in creating criminals; a bullied child may turn out to become a criminal” (as cited in Allen & Scott, 2013, p. 208). Yes, some bullied by his or her pair could become a criminal, but my statement to that is I do not know how often that occurs as opposed to other reasons for committing offenses. With that being said, a bullied person can become a criminal out of rage for revenge, spite and the inferiority complex that have within them. An ordinary person who has no past experience of being bullied may have not experienced such an act of cruelty towards a fellow

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