Essay On Three Ways To Motivate My Class

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How would I motivate my future class of fifth graders? We that depends on what I am going to do. In this essay, I will cover two ways I will motivate my class using reward and using punishment. I will also list three ways to motivate my class with the lesson plans I created for that course. In the examples I will provide support for what I have learned and how it is applied to students, and in each example, I will cover difficulties I may encounter in the implementation of my ideas.
How would I use rewards or punishment to maintain motivation in my classroom? One way I do this is to establish a token economy within the classroom itself. I will use an example of my field study experience where it was used to aid in maintaining the classroom
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The system was set up to where the students had their own currency. The currency was given out at the beginning of the week and everyone received the same amount. Students would gain or lose currency based on action taken or not. The currency’s’ purpose was that each student could purchase events in the classroom. Events could be anything from staying inside for recess or gaining extra time to use computers or other devices during the class free time. Using this as a reward would be used as an individual incentive. Using individual awards could increase the student 's sense of self-efficacy. This is the individual person’s belief that they can deal effectively with a task. By demonstration that they as students can deal with the requirements of the school day to day, and learning how to better build increasing the capacity to coordinate learning skills, motivation, and emotion to

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