Essay On The Meaning Of Christmas

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The true meaning of Christmas, or rather the profoundness of the gift, and what it means.

At this time of years, there is tremendous love that surges through our family’s, our churches, our school, and our communities. The love is imbedded into our American and English cultures across every level and every fiber, and this huge upwelling of compassing and love starts in the United States about two weeks before Thanksgiving, climbs to a peak on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and then for a week after Christmas to a second peak on New years Day and New Years Eve, and this seasonal feeling continues for about two weeks into the new year.

What is remarkable about this time of year, is not so much the time of year, or how cold it is out, or if
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But, there was also foretold that through the tribe of Judah that God would return to once again walk with man much in the same way that God walked with Adam and with Abraham, and that a “lamb” would be provided and that this lamb would be supplied by God and that upon the death of this lamb the misdeeds of mankind could be atoned for, provided the Covenant upon which this lamb was proper invoked.

Various Jewish prophets foretold the arrival of Messiah, in the years prior to the Babylonian Exile whereby the Babylonians took Israelites as slaves. A short time after the Babylonian enslavement ended, the Romans moved in and took control of the coastal areas that where part of the Abrahamic
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Once this new covenant was invoked, and Christ was executed, the contract as it were was empowered so that faith alone was all that a person needed in order to obtain forgiveness for this misdeed form God, as the price of atonement was been paid with the death of the “lamb of God” and then the resurrection of Christ. The sacrifice that God made, of a part of himself to provide atonement showed the boundless love that God had for humans, so much so that he was willing to experience life in the body of a human, and the agony of a death through the cross, and to do this voluntarily, as an act of unqualified love is the true meaning of Christmas.

Let me break it down even further, that God loved us so much, that to fulfill the requirements of his own laws and of his own covenants he, personally experienced death in a human form to atone for the things we do wrong. While God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are three, they are also one. A thing experienced by one is experienced by the other two as well, as all three are the one, and the one is all

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