Essay On The Causes Of The Civil War

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The Civil War was one of the largest uprisings of all time between the citizens of the same nation. The cause of this horrific event in United States history can be attributed to many different sources, such that it is difficult to narrow the source of this uproar to one specific event. Moreover, I believe there are multiple events that played a significant role leading up to the Civil War. To me, however, the most important cause of the Civil War was the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution set the stage for the majority of the separation between the north and south leading up to the Civil War. One major stepping stone in the Industrial Revolution, as mentioned in the film “Brotherly Love," was the cotton gin, invented by Eli Whitney in 1793. The cotton gin allowed cotton to be removed from its seeds at a quicker rate, thus allowing an increase in cotton output. Additionally, as the output could be increased, the demand for labor increased exponentially and led to the expanding use of slavery in the south. Moreover, as discussed in class, the immigration during the Industrial Revolution could also be seen as a cause of the Civil War, since there was a change in the types of people that settled, such that there were more individual males and and an overwhelming amount of eastern religions such as …show more content…
This act attempted to reduce the tensions of slavery, but as talked about in class it had the opposite effect, since there was such pressure with the decision these states would make. Additionally, as mentioned in the book, “the fate of the south was in the hands of Kansas.” All-in-all, the unrest caused by the Kansas-Nebraska Act make it a large contributor to the beginning of the Civil War, but once again in my mind it did not have the widespread effect on the north and south like the Industrial Revolution

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