Essay On Suicide In South Korea

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body also leads to the healthy and fitness of the human brain, which also exacerbates the suicidal tendencies of these people who spend their time gaming in these internet cafes. In order for South Korea to measure the suicidal tendencies of these groups the following questions were asked: “lifetime suicidal ideation (“Have you ever seriously thought about committing suicide?”); lifetime suicide plan (“Have you ever made a plan for committing suicide?”); and lifetime suicide attempt (“Have you ever attempted suicide?”)” )(Kim 2016). These analyses have increased overtime. This is directly correlated to the increase of Internet use in the past decade and tendency for those internet users to avoid the policy that has put a time cap and curfew for adolescents using these internet cafes to game. …show more content…
Many people in South Korea, as mentioned throughout this whole essay, commit suicide in many ways, shapes or forms and in either premediated or non premeditated ways. The most non premeditated ways include jumping onto a railroad track while the subway is going, thus inducing instant death. The subway drivers that are drviing the cars while this is happening show signs of stress, depression, panic, mania, lack of sleep, and anxiety. Research and evidence show that these subway drivers blame themselves for someone own tendency to kill themselves. Although the subway driver could do nothing to prevent the suicide, they experience stress about the negative situation and death. The Korean Occupational stress Scale (KOSS) is meant to measure the stress of these conditions of the working class in Korea. This measure shows that many if not all subway drivers experience suicide jumpers on a yearly basis. If not treated, the subway

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