The Pros And Cons Of Islam

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Muslims are profiled by many citizens in the United States and in other countries around the world. The profiling of Muslims is justified by their recent behavior and the fear they instill in others. Muslims believe that Islam is a part of who they are (Eltahawy 3). Muslims would be different people without Islam in their life. The Quran is their holy book and they base their lives off of it. The Quran says to “Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is their destination.” Quran 9:73 (“The Tiny” 1). The Quran says that it is okay for Muslims to be rude and disrespectful towards the unbelievers, meaning anyone that is not a Muslim. “Mohammad is Allah’s apostle. …show more content…
American Muslims believe the same thing that other Muslims believe. They believe in the same Quran. Muslim Americans assaulted Christian preachers on the streets (Lopez 1). The Muslims pushed them, shoved them, and threw bottles, eggs, and rocks at them (Lopez 1). They also threw cans, milk crates, stools, and pieces of concrete at the Christians (“Dearborn” 1). These American Muslims were doing the same things that other Muslims are doing. Then the police denied the Christians protection (Lopez 1). The police did not help the situation, they were not serving justice. They let the American Muslims harm other innocent Americans (“Dearborn” 1). The sheriff, who is Muslim, let his faith dictate the laws (“Dearborn” 3). The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department has been overrun by Muslims that will not protect the citizens, they only enforce sharia law (“Dearborn” 3). The Muslims believe that laws besides sharia law do not apply to them. No Go Zones are places that are off-limits to non-Muslims, law enforcement, and security forces (Lopez 2). These places follow sharia law (Lopez 2). Dearborn Michigan is an example of a known No Go Zone in America. “Muslims will not be intimidated” (Eltahawy 2). Muslims are not concerned with what other people think of them, they are going to continue to do what they want to. “The wound will never heal if every year we scratch the scar off and open the way to hate and prejudice” (Eltahawy 3). The nation cannot heal if they keep committing terrorist crimes like the Boston Marathon bombing, Boko Haram kidnappings of schoolgirls, and ISIS rampaging through Iraq and Syria (Obeidallah

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