Essay On Medieval Society

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Thousands of years ago stood one of the largest empires stretching 2509663 square miles over the European continent. But, as they say the bigger they are the harder they fall. After the invasion of the Roman Empire and the rise of Emperor Constantine, the Roman Empire was a fragment of history as Constantine completely converted society, transforming the Pagan religion into Christianity. After the removal of Emperor Romulus Augustus, no one stepped forward to take his place, making his deposition the last of the Roman Empire, Thus the beginning of the Medieval era. u The medieval society was very special due its own unique ways. Women were treated poorly, the Black plague was more than common, and rivalries …show more content…
The offender would be placed in slabs of wood with their limbs sticking out like their hands, and be placed in the middle of the village, a way to embarrass the offender, and show how poor and desperate they were. Banishment was a type of punishment usually given by a higher power who actually kind of liked the offender, but didn't want to legitly punish them. Being burnt on a stake was the type of punishment used when religious beliefs came into the picture. This was used for the assumption of black magic, witches, and the devil's work. The offender would often be tied to a wooden stake or pole and set on fire and burned to death as the entire kingdom or village watched. Being pulled apart, was used when someone was charged with murder or larger crimes. They would tie all four limbs to objects and have them be pulled as the offender was slowly ripped to bits. Hanging, was extremely common at the time, and was It was used for crimes that were very common such as attempted murder or murder. Iron cage, was often another use of embarrassment, one would be put into a cage too small and starved, sometimes left for death. Other gruesome punishments were the Brazen bull, the Wedge, the Judas Cradle, Spanish Donkey, Saw torture, Breaking wheel, Iron Wheel. Some of these punishments were outrageously

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