Violence In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Thirdly, the literary device theme is effective in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet because it addresses the settings and true meanings in the reading. Such as the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, their development compassion for one another creates a scene where the reader could comprehend and relate to the intimacy they share together. However, their intense fondness for each other is in a similar manner to love vs. lust. In particular, the first time Romeo notices Juliet at the Capulet party, he falls in love with her due to her appearance. In contrast, Romeo attends the ball in order to be with Rosaline, but instantly finds himself in love with another woman. Due to this mishap, he began a new relationship with Juliet and later discusses to Friar Laurence about …show more content…
On the other hand, he decides to end his own life because Juliet passed away. The violent acts Romeo would pursue on himself is surreal because he only knows Juliet from a small amount of time. A few days before, Romeo chooses to be in a moral depression after Rosaline rejects him, and presently he is willing to drink a deadly poison to be with his deceased lover Juliet. Additionally, the theme love causes violence advances the storyline because it describes the setting of how the relationship between Romeo and Juliet inflicts violence among themselves and others. The cruel desires affect the Capulets and the Montagues because they do not believe a Capulet should be intimate with a Montague. The tragedy between the two families causes the tone to be violent, romantic, and intense. The deeper they get into the relationship, the more arouse the lover can become. In addition, the theme the forcefulness of love is effectively used in the tale. The theme focuses on the love between Juliet and Romeo and how their families pressure them to be with other individuals and not

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