Essay On Literacy And Self Efficacy

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The relationship between academic achievement and self-efficacy beliefs in adult learners


Self and identity researchers have long held that beliefs about the self are both a product of situations and a shaper of behaviour in situations (). The relationship of self-beliefs to motivation and performance in academic settings is well documented (). In addition, a growing body of research has evidenced the role of adult learning in contributing to changes in academic and global self-efficacy (). If we accept the precept of Bandura’s () reciprocal determinism, a review into the relationship between academic achievement and self-efficacy beliefs in adult learners is meaningful because global self-efficacy has been shown to mediate academic success (), generalise to confidence in mastering new domains (Ormrod, 2008), influence psychological states (Bandura)and afford protection from forms of social exclusion (Bandura). Further, as education can be a source of subjective and objective merit, educational interventions that have the potential to enhance self-efficacy in adults could be better identified and applied across a number of domains including education, rehabilitation counselling, career counselling and business services to enhance educational and
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Self-efficacy is defined as perceived control over tasks and challenges. Self-efficacy may be specific, for example belief in the ability to pass an exam, or global, referring to general feelings of control over one’s life circumstance (). Adult learners are described as learners over the age of 25 engaged in intentional formal education. Because of the scope of the review, only seminal works and key studies are cited and theoretical controversies such as how the self is constructed are not

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