Achieving American Dream Analysis

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What obstacles do the people who want to achieve the American Dream face? America, known as the land of the free, where everyone can have an equal opportunity at achieving the desired goal commonly referred to as “The American Dream.” Everyone has a different perspective of what successfully achieving the American Dream means, to some it may be becoming a millionaire and to others it could simply be to have a family. There are many things that can get in the way of someone achieving the American Dream, such as the lack of belief in themselves, fear of failure, and a lack of education. A lack of confidence in oneself can lead to failure or coming up short of one’s goal. A person who has faith in oneself is more likely to stay dedicated and …show more content…
A person who has an education is more likely to achieve the American Dream. John Roush said, “When remarkable vision is coupled with remarkable giving, the American dream has a chance. This is an opportunity that must not be missed” (2015). He believes that everyone should try to get an education, because it’ll make them open to more opportunities. Many students that don’t get a higher education than secondary school say that they can’t afford to attend a college or university. In the article, “College Education Key to Achieving American Dream”, the author discusses the importance of all students getting the opportunity to get a college education and how it will help a person to achieve the American Dream. Brian Washington said, “Failing to commit to ensure that all students receive an opportunity to maximize their potential will not only squash the hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of high school graduates across the country, but also the future of our great nation” (2012). Students not being able to afford college should never have to be a reason for them not continuing their education. Everyone should have the opportunity to get an education after graduating high school. One important factor in achieving the American Dream is to get a college

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