Essay On Japanese Culture

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How much do you know about what influences our culture? Did you know Japan is one of the biggest influences on our culture? Everything from furniture, entertainment, and even our own homes are influenced by Japanese culture. We wouldn’t have most of the things we have today if it wasn’t for Japan. We often forget to stop and think about all the things we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for other countries bringing their culture into America.
Japanese culture first came to America when Japan agreed to open western trade in the 1800’s. During the Victorian era, people were crazy for Japanese anything. They began to add things to their own furniture to make it look like the ones in Japan. One of the most notable add on being that they would dye wood
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They used a lot of the styles and techniques that Japanese artists used to paint scenery. Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is a great example of Japanese inspired paintings, using the nature theme and using the swirling brush strokes to give it a unique look. Even now, modern artists are inspired by Japanese artwork, one of the most recognizable styles being anime and manga.

Furniture is something that we use every day. It can be anything from the chair you’re sitting on to the couch in your living room. Did you know that Japan influenced the way your furniture looks? It’s true! The Victorian era is what helped introduce the craze for Japanese furniture and household items. Japanese furniture was so popular that many people just dyed the wood of their furniture darker colors to say that they had some of this stylish furniture. Though it wasn’t just the color but the way the wood was carved. The wood would be carved into round shapes making it stylish and easy to move.
A lot of our household decorations were influenced by Japan. That vase you have with all the pretty colors and designs on it, was influenced by Japan. Picture frames, candles, and even lamps have some kind of Japanese touch to them. It could be the way they’re shaped or it could be the design they have sculpted on. They have some kind of Japanese influence in

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