Hate Crimes Against Muslims

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Haminderjeet Kaur

Mrs. Duffel

Pre-AP Eng 10 / P.1

March 22, 2015

Is it a crime to be a Muslim?

How come being a Muslim such a crime in America? Hate crimes against Muslims have been affecting other religious communities after the attack of 9/11 because many Americans are confused about middle-eastern religions and cultures. Some Americans believe that they know everything about Muslims and state that every Muslim is a terrorist. If Muslims protest it can help America by informing the country that Muslims mean no harm. There will be a lower hate crime rate all over the country if we educate people on different religions and beliefs. Because of the increase in hate crimes against Muslims since 9/11, Muslims should form a strong coalition to educate Americans about their religion and culture so that people understand that they come in peace and do not condone the violence of extremist groups.

In 2003, hate crimes were mostly targeted towards young Muslim kids under 18 years of age. Most of the criticism against children were bullying, abusing, hitting, and also other forms of harassments. Hate crimes against Muslims increased by 10 times more in 2001 than 2000. Ingraham states that hate crimes against
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Muslims should protest and stand up for themselves in order to stop hate crimes and even racism. Muslims should make groups that explain who they are, what they believe in, and that what Muslim means. This is one way everyone can stop the violence and teasing that has increased since September 2001. Not just Muslims should do this but also Jews, Sikhs and all other religious groups that are misunderstood. If people do this then it would not just educate Americans but the whole world. Because if people do not inform or educate other on their beliefs then there can be a day where racism increased so much that there is no

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