Essay On Golfer's Elbow

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Many people are familiar with sports that involve throwing a ball like baseball, softball, tennis, and golf; although these sports have nothing in common, they have one thing similar. Medial epicondylitis, also known as golfer’s elbow is an inflammation of the tendons in the inside park of the elbow. Although golfers elbow doesn’t seem sever like tearing an acl, an injury is an injury.
Golfers elbow is extremely common in almost every sport, but it is frequently caused by extreme force or repetitive movement, such as over throwing a softball or your golf club coming to an abrupt stop after hitting a rock. Thus, the muscles and tendons are pulled away from the point of insertion and become damaged. Aside from sports, golfers elbow is also common in everyday usage like painting, hammering, typing, or any repetitive activity. The prime symptoms of this injury is that you would feel like you have arthritis in your wrist and elbow. Having golfers elbow, you’d have pain and tenderness inside the elbow and while gripping hard with the hand, also weakness and tingling in the wrist and fingers is also common.
To recover from the arthritis, tingling pain many recommend the PRICE
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There is also anti inflammatory medications like Advil or Ibuprofen suggested by doctors. The cheap route to recovering from the injury would be home remedies like PRICE and sport massages. Despite the fact that Golfer’s elbow isn’t a serious injury, if simple treatments are not effective, steroid injection may be considered or a simple surgery to repair bone fragments that have been separated from the elbow. To prevent Golfer’s elbow, many coaches have their players: strengthen their forearms with light weights or squeezing a tennis ball, streching before the activity, fixing bad form, lift the right about for you, and knowing when to

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