Personal Narrative: My Grandparent's Funeral

A small little funeral home where all of the family funerals are held. A place that that seems a little too familiar. A place where immediate sadness is felt when as a person walks in. The room is cold no matter what time of year. The carpet is a brown color that looks as if the neutral color is supposed to bring some kind of comfort it is paired with wallpaper that looks like it has been there ever since the building was built. It smells like and overabundance of flowers because that is the thing that people like to give when someone dies. Looking over to the next room where all of the seats are and the green couch in front row where the people closest to the deceased sit with a perfect view of their loved on in the casket. Scattered
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Why can’t people just live forever? My grandpa and grandma has died and I don’t know why they had to die they were just normal people. The last time I had seen both my grandparents alive they were just fine but when my grandpa died my parents said that he went to heaven and then the same when my grandma had died.
Ashley the granddaughter: I really wish people could live forever however that just simply can’t happen. All of my grandparents have passed away. Sometimes I don’t understand why they had to die either. However, my grandma and grandpa both had cancer and when they passed away even though I was sad there was also a since of relief because I didn’t have to see them in pain anymore and that they were in heaven.
Ashely the questioner: What I’m trying to get across is there is no greater reason that someone has to die. Medically yes people get sick or accidents happen and they die. But, it’s not because that was God’s master plan that they were going to get an illness or in an accident causing a person to
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Although I think that the purpose of death is so a person doesn’t suffer any more. I feel anger that my grandparents are not going to see my do great things in my life. But, I’m angry at the fact that they had cancer and when the passed away I felt ok knowing now they were not in pain.
Ashley the teenager: I think that there will be a day when we all figure out what the exact purpose of death is. None of us will know until it is our each individual time to go. For now I have to faith that God has a purpose for death and when my day comes what I beliefs were correct.
Ashley the granddaughter: I understand that there is going to be a point in everyone’s life when it just their time to go. I just wish there wasn’t. I miss my grandparents every day and wish they were alive just so I could talk to them even one more time even there is so much that I could tell them. I do have faith the one purpose of death is so you will see your loved ones again.
Ashley the child: So you’re saying is that one day when it is my time to die I’m going to see my grandparents again and when I do see them they will be healthy. Even though when they died they were

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