My Journey In Bruce Lee's 'Epic Of Gilgamesh'

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Heroes of our world
In our society I believe that we go through a lot of Campbell 's stages, but one of the most common is the denial of the call. How many times have we seen some people get the opportunity to do something, but they choose not to do it, because they are scared that they will not be able to accomplish what is expected of them. The most common Campbell stage in real life has to be the road of trials. Everyone goes through the road of trial. How can I prove it? Your personality changes through time. I believe the road of trials doesn 't end until we are unable to accomplish something or until we have accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish, but the road of trials that makes the biggest change in our lives is going through
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In almost every way. People always want to have what they don’t have. They are never happy with what they have, and always want more. It 's like gaining money they always want more and more and nothing is enough. I 'm not saying that everyone is like this, but more than the half of the population of the world are like Gilgamesh in the way that they want more. Also people don’t want to die, who does? There is a lot of people that are really scared of dying and being forgotten. There is a quote that Bruce Lee said; "Want to be immortal? Live a life worth remembering." In my opinion that’s the way I think about death. Death is the end, but it 's also the beginning of something else. The only reason why I don’t want to die, it 's because I don’t want my family to suffer, and there is a lot of things I haven 't done and I need to do before I die. Gilgamesh is the perfect representation of humans and their fears. And at the end Gilgamesh had to do what most humans do and its live with what you have and be grateful with what you have. That is the secret recipe for being happy. If people want more than what they have, they will never reach happiness because there will always be

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