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America the Exceptional Nation
After the Revolutionary War, America was viewed as an exceptional nation. Still today the country is considered as a different nation due to the fundamental values it still holds. The founders of the country gave the world a new meaning of freedom and liberty. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution gave the nation as a whole their alienable rights. American has shown the rest of the world the success of capitalism, free marketing, and liberty. Without the existence of the United States, the World would still be held under monarchy rule where the country dictates their citizen’s religion, finance, and liberty.
To begin with, the United States is an exceptional nation because of the opportunities and
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The world would be less free and not understand the natural of human rights and will. Without the United States free enterprise system, the world would still be under a monarchy and dictatorship system that keeps the citizens in poverty. Also, the United States gave the world a different view on people’s liberty, written in documents such as The Declaration of Independence and Constitution can uphold a strong nation as a whole. The world without the United States would be the world without freedom!
In Conclusion, the United States is an exceptional country because of its dedication to the fundamental values of the nation liberties and that all men are created equal and have equal rights. The principals of this country have attracted many people around the world. Throughout history, the country has always held its principals, and because of that, it has made the United States the greatest country in the world. Also, the United States is the only nation that promotes freedom and liberty. Still today, the founders of the country written documents hold its value and define the country and its

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