Essay On Ethics Of Cloning

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The Ethics of Cloning
Cloning is one of the greatest questions of science. Is it possible? Can we clone humans? Can we create a soldier army of perfect clones? These are the questions that people have been asking. What is cloning? This would probably be a good place to start. Cloning is, “the genetic duplication of an existing organism especially by transferring the nucleus of a somatic cell of the organism into an enucleated oocyte” (Medical-Dictionary)It’s like this say you have a television set and you make another television set exactly like it, you could say they are a clone of one another. However, making a clone of a living being is a lot harder. If we could make a complete clone of another human being, that would be a huge scientific
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The first is reproductive cloning. The second being therapeutic cloning. Reproductive cloning is taking an animal cell and making a genetic copy of it. Scientists have cloned several animals this way. The most outstanding creature that has been cloned was Dolly the sheep. Dolly the sheep (named after Dolly Parton) was the first animal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell. This sheep was created in 1997; sadly it died in 2003 from lung issues. Dolly the sheep forever became one of the most important animals in scientific history. (Roslin Institute) Of course with any science experiment there must be pros and cons. One of the pros being that one could rid an entire species of a genetic disorder, such as hereditary cancer, autism or even Down syndrome! We could use cloning to make a perfect test subject, such as a rat, mouse, or a gerbil. One also could use cloning to create a “perfect” species of animals. One of the best things that we could do is save an entire species using cloning!
However, with every pro there is a con. There would be an extreme lack of genetic variability; meaning that a single virus could wipe out an entire type of organism. Cloning also brings our down own moral values of human life. Cloning would also greatly affect the God-given sense of
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If we really think about it, we’re no better than the Nazis. They killed people daily in the name of science. If we always bash them for the horrid things that they have done, why don’t we learn from our own mistakes as humans. We should make it illegal to kill so that we can live. We should further research taking bone marrow and liver stem cells to save people. There is nothing wrong with saving lives; there is something wrong with killing children to save adults. We as Christians need to make a stand against killing children. We are given a law to live by and not killing is one of them. We have been given God’s moral standards; so why don’t we follow them? So very often we let the world decide what is right and what is wrong. God decided that a long time

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