Personal Narrative: A Career In Wrestling

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Another Pound of Nothing
For any wrestler, it´s a long and excruciating process, but well worth the pain to reach the pinnacle of his journey: to be a state champion. Before the wrestling season, a wrestler needs to be mentally and physically prepared. This journey is anything but easy, and sometimes to have the most success, wrestlers must cut weight. Cutting weight puts the wrestler at a lower weight, helping him control wrestling matches easier. The wrestler has to create physical goals through exercise, dieting, weight checks, all while remaining mentally motivated. Pursuing these goals will determine how the individual 's season will end.

The first step to reaching the ¨goal weight¨ is exercising enough to keep the weight down. I must
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When I wake every morning, I immediately check how much weight floated out of my body during the night. My goal weight is to be 113 pounds by the State Tournament. If I do not make this weight, I will not be able to wrestle, so I check my weight as many times as I can throughout the day. To start the day, my weight is usually at about 121 pounds. I check it right after I exercise, right after I eat, and right after practice.

Throughout the school day, I head toward the locker room to flush out the last of any water inside my body. To get the most precise weight possible, all my clothes drop to the floor. This will give me an idea how much weight allowance I will have to eat during lunch.
After practice, I check my weight for the what feels like the one thousandth time of the week. After supper, the scale jumps all the way back up, which means there will be no relaxing for me. After the run, I check it immediately and the reading almost brings me to tears because three pounds stand in the way of now and tomorrow afternoon 's weigh-ins.

The weight does not come off easy at this point, simply because there is nothing left to lose. Once out of the shower, I check my weight one last time for the night, and the scale presents I am heavier than

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