Process Essay: The Process Of The Criminal Justice System

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The process of the criminal justice system
A juror was sitting on a jury for a trial of a man accused of robbing a bank. There was not enough evidence to convict him, so the jury had to declare him not guilty. When the foreman announced, “Not guilty!” the defendant jumped to his feet. “Cool!!” he shouted. “Does that mean I get to keep all the cash?” (Author unknown)
Our justice system worked exactly the way the criminal justice system was designed to work. People are innocent until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. The justice system looks at every piece of evidence provided to assert the guilt or innocence of a person. As we saw in the joke, the person was actually guilty of the crime, however, the jury did not have enough evidence provided to them that proved the defendant was guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, they had no choice, and they found him not guilty.
There is an order to the process of criminal justice. According to the National center for victims of crime, the criminal justice system is composed
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There is a wake of victims being left behind, by the media and that should not be tolerated. The media serves a good propose they inform and sometimes their advice comes in handy. However in the criminal justice system, the media tends to do more harm than good.
There are parts of the justice system that need to be corrected, victims are left broken and without any help. That is why this organization is helping victims realize that there is other help out there that can assist them in rebuilding their lives. Sometimes the media focuses so much on the criminal that they can forget about the needs of the victim. There are services for victims out there, however, victims have to be willing to look for help and get help. Victim injuries are not always physical they can be

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