Essay On Child Pornography

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Background Information What is considered child sexual abuse? There are several definitions for this type of abuse and it is essentially based on a continuum. Any sexual act that is performed on a child or a sexual act that a child is forced to perform would be considered abuse. It is not just limited to penetration. It does not even have to involve force, pain, or touching. If an adult takes part in any sexual behavior with a child such as: looking, showing, or touching to meet their sexual need, this also is considered child sexual abuse. Something that most people do not realize is that sexual touching between children can also be considered sexual abuse. The degree of sexual abuse between children can be determined by the age difference. …show more content…
This is also known as child pornography. Videos of these children preforming sexual acts on other children or other adults are becoming very widespread in this country. Viewing these images and videos means that the individual watching is taking part in the abuse. Child pornography may cause a person to consider abusing a child in their own personal life. Even if they are not abusing children physically, these images will desensitize them into thinking that child sexual abuse is acceptable.
Sexual abuse of children has become the subject of major concern from the community and it has also become the main focus of many legislative and professional initiatives. It has been recognized as a type of child maltreatment. This has been under the United States federal law due to the several cases of sexual abuse that brought on Congressional hearings in 1973. Overall, child abuse is illegal in every state and under federal law. Each state has specific laws when it comes to this issue. There are child abuse laws that exist on all levels. These levels go from federal to state and local levels. The point of these laws is to keep children away from exploitation, harm, and danger. Except in limited circumstances, federal laws typically do not apply to instances that involve being a victim of sexual abuse. That takes place inside a single state and is handled by state and local
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In all states, a person that is having sexual relations with a minor has committed an offence regardless if the minor has consented or not. The definition of a minor varies by state. When it comes to deciding whether or not a case is accepted for persecution, there are a lot of factors that come with it. Some of these factors include they type of maltreatment, the victim and offender’s gender, and the offender’s age. Cases where there were female victims and male offenders are more likely to move forward and there is a higher chance of the case acceptance increasing is when the offender is

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