Essay On Border Security

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Europe is Tested with Flood of Immigrants
It’s common for one to read or hear about humanitarian crises in third-world countries, feel subsequent pity, and then return to his/hers expected, everyday life. However, Europe has no choice in putting such matters to the side; the aftermath of said crises is right on its doorstep.
Migrants from all over, Syria, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Eritrea, Serbia, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Russia, and Albania, among others, are surging into Europe. The numbers vary from approximately 17,000 to over 120,000 per nation, with Syria leading with slightly over 120,000, and Afghanistan in second place, comprising a little under 45,000. In total, it’s an estimated 625, 920 people fleeing the poor conditions of their countries.
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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was quoted telling police headed to the Serbian border, "You have to defend Hungary and Europe. You have to defend the country 's borders while at the same time you have to protect our way of life. You are the defenders of our culture, our way of life and our sovereignty.” Thus, nativism is also playing into nation’s reactions.
The increase in border security has caused traffic jams and other issues as migrants are filtered through. Germany border checks caused traffic jams on Austrian highways spanning 12 miles at the longest. In the Austrian border town of Nickelsdorf, a highway was closed because 10,000 migrants were moving in from Hungary. These nations claim the checks result in more uniform flows of people.
These conditions are a test to the European Union (EU) border policy of free travel. For 30 years the continent has generally allowed its citizens to travel freely among the countries that compromise it, but with hordes of migrants coming in, and the end of such movement unclear, there may exist a day when the policy ends. There are varying opinions on this issue among the states, the dividing factors being culture, economics, and

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