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The Arri Alexa XT camera
The Arri Alexa XT is a film style digital motion picture camera system which is widely known as ALEXA that was introduced on April 2010. This camera is used in high budget television shows, feature films and commercial. This camera has several ways of recording including CFast 2.0 cards, SxS cards and SXR capture drives with resolutions up to 2880 x 2160 pixels. People with these kinds of cameras can also purchase additional software licences, these software licences can help unlock different capabilities of the Alexa Camera.

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This module records on a dedicated SSD drives it also has an internal ND filter unit, a quieter cooling fan compared to the earlier versions, 4:3 sensor modes, high speed lenses, anamorphic de-squeeze and a new view finder mounting bracket. These are just a few of the many features of the ALEXA XT camera which is made up of high level specs that make this family of cameras so popular. The overall result of the ALEXA XT is a superb image quality that achieves its calibre with efficient and reliable production workflow at relatively low …show more content…
• It has the image Stabilization feature.
• It has an electronic rolling shutter whose shutter angle can be adjusted with a 1/10 degree precision.
• The ALEXA XT has permanent filters in front of the sensor with an optical low pass for UV and IR. Additionally, it has an in-built Filter Module (IFM-1) filter holder for one of eight Full Spectrum Neutral Density (FSND) filters (manual insertion/removal)
• It can achieve a maximum frame rate of 120 fps
• It can operate on different modes such as 16:9 full (available for ARRIRAW, ProRes and DNxHD) and 4:3 Full(available for ARRIRAW and ProRes 2K recording)
• It can also operate on 4:3 Cropped or Open Gate sensor modes. To switch between the modes, you need approximately 60 seconds. However, while on a high speed mode, switching only takes about 20 seconds.

The Pros/Merits of the ALEXA XT camera
The ALEXA XT has a wide range of quality specs and features. Some of the most popular or most crucial include;
• High quality video with overall sharpness
• The capacity to deliver an efficient and highly versatile workflow process
• It is easy to learn how to operate (if

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