Essay : ' Modern Day Manifest Destiny '

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Multimodal Essay
For the multimodal essay I chose to use my first essay on “Modern Day Manifest Destiny”. Essay one was very essential for me to become the writer I am now. I think choosing this essay will demonstrate careful preparation and effort because this was an essay that I cared a lot about. My argument was centered on the idea that Manifest Destiny still exists and is being practiced in modern day society. Choosing this essay for me means finally dealing with my obstacles as a writer which is using my sources effectively enough to support my argument, tying the examples back to my overall argument, and sentence clarity. After receiving the final grade on my essay I was very discourage in fact irate at the comments and suggestions given to me by my instructor. I was so mad that I wanted to drop the course and my passion for writing ultimately died out. Looking back on my essay one I can now take the all of the advice given to me by my professor into consideration and deliver an effective argument using all of the rhetorical cannons and appeals.
I went section by section making changes to my essay and making sure that each sentence was clarified to make my argument more effective. Starting with the introduction, I went back and made sure for one that I cited my sources correctly. I also decided to eliminate ambiguous words that came across as to general or made my argument less specific. For the template of my presentation I used a map of America as the background…

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