Personal Narrative: My Mother's Life

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My mom was only six years old when she first traveled from Mexico to The United States. Her Mom had came 2 years before to start a life for her at the time, 4 kids. My mom was the middle child and had to step up when my grandma was at work and her two older siblings were at school and work. During High School, my mom started working at The Radisson and proceeded to work there until she got pregnant with my little sister. At 20, my mom attended a barbecue where she met the Father of her first born child. My Parents were together for awhile until they eventually broke up. They tried giving it a shot after I was born, but they knew they weren 't happy. A few months later, my mom met her first husband. 5 years later, they got married and had their first baby together. My Step Father was in the military so we were constantly moving around. A year or so after they had their first baby together, my mom had a miscarriage that hurt my mom and our tiny family majorly. A year later my mom had a second baby that was born healthy. My Mom and Stepdads marriage was nice the first couple of years, but my Stepdad went through three deployments and each war took a toll on him. He became a heavy alcoholic and it eventually tore our …show more content…
The middle sister, Aaliyah, is the softest person anyone can ever meet. She not only has a heart of gold, but she 's an active softball player. She 's played baseball and softball her whole life until about two years ago. She 's extremely creative and will help anyone at the drop of a hat. She looks like she belongs in Elementary School but her brains make up for that. She 's hoping to attend Cal State LA in 6 years and become a Bruin. My baby sister, Kailah, is feisty and will take down anyone that stands in her way. With an attitude that has got her in plenty of trouble, she tries to take out her energy by staying active. She plays soccer and is naturally good at any sport that she 's ever

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