Essay 2

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Michael Facey
April 29, 2015
Professor Christian Heisler
ENG-103(Argument Essay) Police Brutality has become a serious topic in today’s time being that every time you turn on the TV you see them mention another act of violence from the police and since that were in 2015, cellphone cameras are being used to capture every single second of it, so it won’t become he say, she say evidence. According to Salem Press Encyclopedia, police brutality is abuses of authority that amount to serious and divisive human rights violations involving the excessive use of force that may occur in the apprehension or retention of civilians. Police brutality has become the issue of today’s time with civilians of this country; recent examples of police
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Article also shows to look under the light of the investigation; “one of the inherent difficulties in internal monitoring is that the police do not always recognize their own violations. Although departments are required to train their officers to deal with citizen claims regarding brutal treatment, myriad problems pervade the process of compiling information from the public regarding interactions with the police.”, cause investigating a matter like this can be complicated and it has to be handled a certain way due to Police officers being a circumstantial difference, cause police officer tend to stick up for they own and operate in secrecy and they take their reputation with the public serious. Punishment is also looked under the light in this article, “Punitive measures do not prevent police brutality in the future, nor do they provide any means for re-establishing the trust that underlies the authority of the state, the legitimacy of police power, and mutually beneficial community relations.” Showing that punishment for them is always not going to be enough for society if it’s not in extreme measures. I agree with this article as a whole cause not only does it looks at the article at one prospective it analyzes the whole topic as one and sectionalizes it and put it in the different stages of how it’s going to be handled. My standpoint on this

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