Eskimo Religion Essay

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The Eskimos are found in the northern tip of Russia across Alaska and northern Canada to Greenland. The term Eskimo comes from a Native American word that may have meant eaters of raw meat netter of snowshoes or speakers of foreign language. They are also referred to as Inuit meaning people.

They lived in groups varied in size depending on the amount of food available. They gathered in large groups especially during and the fall so that they could hunt migrating animals. Gathering in groups was also because of the ease in sharing the necessities available. These groups acted as the social unit of the Eskimos. Since they had no written rules, they lived by the traditional law. The grated law being that each individual helps in the day
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All living things and even inanimate objects were possessed by spirits or souls called INUA.

The above findings about the existence of a supreme being among the inuits, contradicts the collier’s encyclopedia volume 1 which says that the inuit did not pray to unknown powers especially for hunting. However their religious or rather cultural practices show that there was some element of religion or presence of the Supreme Being among them.

The Eskimos did not need to pray to an unknown power for hunting skills since what they wanted was plenty of animals to hunt .They thought that animals had souls like men and so they were willing to be killed because their souls go back to take on flesh again. All

they ask is that at death proper ceremony be carried out. The bladders of all sea animals killed during the year were saved because they believed that an animals spirit rested within its bladder. Ceremonies were carried out in the club house characterized by dancing , singing and feasting. Each man put his bladders back in to the water and the whale was welcomed to the shores and given fresh water. The hunters collected charms they wore or carried in there boat to make the quarry friendly. The return of the bladders ensured good hunting in the year to come. In some countries, a wife could give water to the animals the husband killed to satisfy its spirits.

When one died, the body was wrapped in the skins and left in the Tundra+ covered by an arrangement

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