Escapism In 'My Sweet Little Blue Eyed Girl'

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Love usually correlates with life and passion but in these two works of fiction, love takes an ironic turn for the worse as the characters ideas and experiences with love change. In where are you going where have you been, Connie is a young naïve girl who is searching for love and attention since she is trying to escape from her family issues. Jimmy cross, a young soldier also sought love from Martha to escape the hardships of the Vietnam War. These two characters both naïve and young want to find love and through their escapism, unfortunate events are able loom over their lives and destroy their idealistic view of romance. Connie is a young 15-year-old girl in the prime of high school, so as any other high school girl she is romanticized …show more content…
Arnold wants a young, beautiful girl to feel young and have control over them. He doesn’t want a normal healthy relationship but a sick distorted sense of power. At the end of the story you could tell he didn’t even put much attention to Connie as the girl she is since he says “My sweet little blue-eyed girl”. He is twisting his thoughts and thinking of a different girl, just using Connie for satisfaction. Jimmy thinks of Martha and about possibilities that could have been. He reads letters she wrote to him, pretending he went on romantic trips with her and hoping she truly loves him. He thoughts are no where near as frightening as Arnold Friend and are those of loneliness, stress and escapism but at the same time these thoughts could be detrimental if taken to seriously. Both Martha and Connie seem as the are not as innocent as girl from that are quote on quote were seem to be. They both had many suitors and it seems might have had experience with boys. These girls are both just young, experiencing life but crippled with the fact that flirting takes a bigger toll in their lives. Martha has to be ready to receive any type of news concerning Jimmy, while Connie has the unfortunate event of ever meeting Arnold and talking to

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