Essay on Errors Regarding Medication Can Be Reduced From 13

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Errors regarding medication can be reduced from 13 to 99% in various studies. (CPOE article C)
In one study, CPOE with CDS had a substantial diminution in errors in prescribing that were between 17 and 201 for every 100 orders. The potential number of adverse drug events (ADEs) declined by 0.9%. For certain medications for kidney diseases where the dose was too high, there was a 31% diminution in those errors. (CPOE article A)
In a study on pediatric patients, CPOE with CDS was thought to be able to prevent nearly 2 out of every 3 errors and over 4 out of every ten errors that would be harmful. The pediatric patients are at a several times greater risk for ADEs than adult patients . (CPOE article D)
COE can be set up to make calculations automatic. Calculations of drug doses based on weight had a 10-11% error rate in two studies without calculator assistance. (CPOE reference D)
However, many studies include medication errors with minimal or no impact on the patient, and some studies include errors where they were detected before they actually reached the patient. In one review of articles on intensive care unit patients and the use of CPOE there was no decrease in mortality or better outcomes despite a decrease in prescription errors. (CPOE article C)
Several different articles published between 1996 and 2005 did not find a statistical difference in the number of outpatient ADEs from utilizing CPOE alerts. CPOE article E)
Even more startling, after one CPOE…

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