Essay about Ernest Hemingway 's The Old Man And The Sea

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When the old man found himself in the fight of his life, he also found himself alone. Facing his challenges detached from any companion, Santiago and his introspection are a vital part of Ernest Hemingway’s Novel, The Old Man and The Sea. One of the greatest writers since William Shakespeare, Hemingway is undoubtedly a valuable part of English literature. Despite being awarded a Nobel and Pulitzer Prize, Hemingway still faced many critics and experienced many hardships. This story is about an old man who hooks a great fish which in turn takes him on a solo journey of self-discovery. In his greatest novel, Hemingway did nothing short of pouring his personal feelings, devotion, and eventual conquest into every detailed page. The protagonist, Santiago, is portrayed as a self-reflection of Hemingway’s struggle to overcoming failure, old age, and proving his relevance.
A man of brilliance, creativity, and a symbol for adventure, Hemingway created some of the greatest novels and short stories in modern English. He composed captivating novels about war, love, and adventure. “Born July of 1899, Ernest Hemingway grew up in the town of Oak Park, Illinois. His father was a physician who loved the outdoors and took Ernest on long camping and hunting trips in the north woods of Michigan” (Bloom 11). This would later prove to play a monumental role in the shaping of Hemingway and his literary creations. “Santiago’s quest is related not to the physical act of fishing but rather to the…

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