Erin Is A Real Issue Essay

1671 Words Mar 7th, 2016 7 Pages
Erin is one of my close friend’s little sister, so I have known her for awhile. She always seem really outgoing and carefree since, I met her. Then, all of a sudden, her attitude completely changed. It was a bit confusing for me to see the dramatic change she has been going through. Depression is a real issue, and to see someone experiencing it, is very tough. Observation Erin had a normal childhood growing up until she reached middle school.Throughout middle school, she was having a difficult time at home.Erin’s parents starting fighting all day. Eventually, her parents split, and her father was not around for a while. With her parents being separated she pretended that she did not really care.When starting high school, she had a lot of friends and was very outgoing. Erin participated in many sports and casual socialism. She did well in school despite trying to balance playing sports and studying. Her freshman year she met her first boyfriend Michael. They dated for about nine months, then they were on and off for a year, and he finally broke up with her. After the breakup, Erin completely shut down. She was emotional, she did not want anyone around, and she stayed in her room for about 3 months. Erin barely ate for about six months, and lost twenty pounds during that time; she could not bring herself to self. Erin still went to school, but her grades were poor because she could not focus. She did not want to play sports anymore or…

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