Erikson 's Psychosocial Developmental Stage Of Identity Vs. Role Confusion And With The Information

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1) What are the issues facing Dean at this point in his development?
Being that Dean is in Erikson’s psychosocial developmental stage of Identity vs. Role Confusion and with the information provided about Dean in the case study, it would be accurate to say he is facing concerns of who he is, who he is to be, and what other’s think of him (p. 303). Dean as a teenager is faced with the task of moving from an innocent, dependent child to a young adult (p. 282). During such a child-to-adult metamorphosis Dean is faced with the issue of relying on his relative mastery of earlier tasks by which he must rethink, evaluate, and reconstruct with new and more cognitively and emotionally mature aspects of his self-system (p. 282, 283). Being that Dean is 16 years of age, biologically, he is likely to be experiencing a wide range of emotional, behavioral, physical, and social changes associated with puberty (p. 238). Such issues described as being commonly associated with the process of sexual maturation are also further explained in the case study when it describes Dean as becoming emotionally more and more morose, behaviorally participating in risky actions such as heavily drinking and driving while intoxicated, physically becoming concerned as to why he is not aroused by the same thing his peers are, and socially finding it difficult to be around kids at school (p. 283, 319). It is during this time in development that Dean is growing both outwardly and inwardly and is met with the…

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