Erikson 's Application For Identity Development Essay

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Having the ability to know one’s self is important when entering a relationship; the individuals have developed a base-line of self-identity. For the purpose of this assignment, I would believe that I agree with Erickson’s theory, as an individual enters into a relationship they do make changes due to growth with another individual. In my opinion, I feel that an individual, who has developed their sense of self, knows their occupation, lifestyle and what type of person they are looking for have a better chance of finding a partner that will last in a long-term relationship. When looking at Erikson’s application to identity development, this theory discusses how a person does not explore options to seek out who they are extremely negative for a person. However, when one starts to explore options in their life has positive outcomes with life. Erickson and Marcia do agree that many adolescents struggle while developing an identity, which is normal due to being in the state of moratorium, which could also be a state of exploring options in their life. Applying all of this to the topic of relationships, I feel that Erickson theory would best fit for a long-term relationship. If one goes into a relationship, and is not sure who they are they will just agree with the partner, due to not knowing or setting healthy boundaries for themselves. The lack of boundaries due to not knowing “who they are” could grow resentments that in the end will shorten the relationship or cause…

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