Equine Mental Health Summary

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Equine Mental Health Unit 1 Summary
Equine Mental Health unit one is based on all the personal writings of Dr. Hall. In this section of reading, we read about the personal experience of the horse, the horse anatomy, the horse psychological process, the human and horse relationship, and the heard dynamics. With this paper, I have summarized each section as well as put my personal opinion and questions about the readings as well.
Dimples was the first horse that came into play around the age of three. The connection between the horse and the human was started at the grand-parent’s house. Whiz was the second horse introduced. Whiz was used to work cattle and was said to be a great manipulator if the rider lost concentration during
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During the stone-age, horses were hunted as a source of food for the humans. Horses were not domesticated until after, dogs, pigs, sheep, and cattle. Through this domestication, we see that the horse no longer chooses their mate but are chosen for them because of their owners. Horses shortly after were seen as something that could benefit the human in a different aspect. The horse was seen as something that the human could ride or be used to pull something heavy. The most common setting a horse is seen is warfare. The other common setting is the “work horse”. The horse is seen in working cattle, trade, travel, leisure activities and pulling heavy …show more content…
The horse as a mammal has a hoof but on the back two are separated by the middle toe which is larger than the rest. Horses are grazers because their stomachs use fermentation to break down the food that they eat. The horse as a species is considered prey animals because their first reaction is to run and not to stay and fight to see the outcome. Horses can reach the speed of forty miles per hour when trying to escape a predator. This species has changed over time just like any other species through natural selection, but the main change is their senses. The horse’s main sensory is their vision with only two blind spots directly in front of them or directly behind them which is a major tool in aiding the species of fleeing the scene. Their eyes are on the side of their head giving them a three hundred and sixty degree of sight of their surroundings. Their second sense that aids is their hearing. The horse’s hearing is stronger than a human’s because they can hear from further away and they can hear at higher frequencies. After hearing comes their sense of smell for finding hidden predators. The overall organism responsible for the horse’s senses is the brain. The brain is said to be the size of an average grapefruit. The structure of the brain is similar to that of the human’s brain. Even though the brain is structured as a human’s does not mean that it function like ours does. There is no relation to the

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