Equality : The American Dream And The Rights Of The Citizens Essay

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Equality Needed in America America has been known for the dream and the rights of the citizens that have lived here for years. People all over the world have been obsessed with having the American dream since they were young. I know when I was young it was beating into me from a small age. As you get closer in depth on what the American dream is to people, many say that to have the freedoms and the rights Americans receive what makes them want to be apart of our country. However, there are certain people that do not receive these rights. In America, “the land of the free”, you would like to think that the government and citizens care about one another but unfortunately that is not the case.
I was appalled when doing research on reforms that are needed, not only in America but all around the world. One-hundred-ninety million people, are disabled in the world, that 's more than 15% of the population. Within those people a majority of them are disabled for their entire life. It is sad that people can not help each other due to the fact they are a little bit different.
I personally have never been affected by the challenges, that comes with someone being disabled or having someone disabled within my immediate family. However, this year I meet someone that has forever changed my life. Her little brother was not born with Cerebral Palsy. In case you weren 't sure Cerebral Palsy is a group of problems that affect body movement and posture. However, there was a medical mishap,…

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