Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in work with children and young people

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in work with children and young people
Question 1
Case Study 1
Who is being discriminated against?
The whole family is being discriminated against. 2
What kind of discrimination is taking place?
Racial discrimination.
How might the child experiencing the discrimination feel?
Dominic might be feeling excluded, lonely, confused and have low self esteem as he could feel that the children he sees attending the school have a higher status in society as they are allowed to attend the school. He is old enough to have probably attended school in his home country before moving to Britain and may be missing it and may make him feel anger towards the country/system he has moved to. He will be
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One very negative aspect is that it is stated that the local community have started a campaign to get the travellers removed from the area. The children within the homes of adults with this view may hear discussions and opinions that have a negative impact on how they see travellers themselves. This could be made worse if they learn that Sally, who is a traveller, is attending the same nursery as their own children and they may see her as someone they wish their children should stay away from. 5
What could be done to prevent the discrimination?
The most obvious course of action would be that Sally’s key worker is challenged and reprimanded for her comments and for not having created a progress file for Sally. It should be explained to the key worker how this may make Sally feel and that especially as her key worker, it is the key workers role to make Sally feel included. Colleagues should have questioned why there was not a progress file for Sally, and a discussion, perhaps involving the parents of Sally, as to whether a progress file could be made for her to take with her if she did end up moving out of the area. This could be given to another nursery school as part of

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